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CONSTRUCTION changed to Property RX General Engineering


Our Vision.

Tim Springsteen visualizes the design you need before the dirt is moved the way a painter imagines the artwork on a blank canvas. He listens to the needs of his clients. It is fascinating to watch how quickly he moves dirt.  We call him "The Dirt Artist."

Our Solution.

You need a job done right the first time with a great General Engineering Contractor!


Tim Springsteen is the one who can get it done quickly and save you money getting the job completed in less time.


Tim has won equipment rodeo's and has over 30 years of experience.

Our Services.
  • Mastication & Fuel Reduction

  • Brush Clearing

  • Storm Clean-up

  • Gravel Roads & Driveways

  • Site & Landscape Preparation

  • Excavating, Trenching, & Grading

  • Septic System Building

  • Pond Rehabilitation

  • Horse Riding Arenas

  • Dump Truck

  • Select Gallery to view photos


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